Hunting the Hippotrages
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Hunting the Hippotrages


Hunting the Hippotrages – Sable, Roan, Oryx and Addax – Africa’s Glamour Game, is in the process of production. The book is about hunting sable (four subspecies), roan (four subspecies) and oryx (five subspecies) and addax (one species) – Africa’s glamour game.

Only 449 books will be produced and sold to those who subscribe in advance. Why 449 books? Because William (later Sir) Cornwallis Harris, who was the first person to describe sable for science and the first recreational hunter to visit South Africa in 1834 – for a while sable was called the Harrisbuck – when he published the fantastic book of his trip, Portraits of Wild Game, also printed only 449 copies which were sold to those who subscribed in advance and I thought, well, if this is going to be my last book, and it will be, why not copy one of my hunting and writing heroes.

The books will be numbered and signed. Subscribers will be allocated numbers from 1 to 449 on a first-come-first-served basis. If your chosen number has already been selected by someone else, you will be allocated the next lowest available number unless you specify otherwise.

The downside is that the small number of books will increase costs quite significantly and so, reluctantly, the price of the book will be $295.00 or the rand equivalent at the time, payable on notification once the book has been printed and is ready for delivery. Postage or courier costs, depending on what is selected, will be extra and, as per usual, destinations in Africa will be serviced from Johannesburg and destinations in the rest of the world from Pennsylvania.

The book will be similar in style to the previous six books i.e. the Spiral Horn series and subsequent Buffalo Book, but not exactly the same. Although it will carry stories by hunters of yesteryear and current professional and amateur hunters, I will be more selective about the stories included and choose only the ones I consider best. In this sense, although there is a chapter on Rifles and Ammunition by Craig Boddington, written especially for the book, it will not be about trying to give the reader all the information he or she may want or need to hunt these wonderful beasts but more about the best stories – some previously published in the case of the hunters of yesteryear, but with an emphasis on the unpublished and those specially written for the book. There will never be a second edition.