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Great Hunters: Volume 4

Their Trophy Rooms and Collections

Limitation:Standard Edition
Binding:Hardcover with dustjacket
Pages:220 pages
Photographs:Profuse colour photographs
Published by:Safari Press
Published by:Rowland Ward Publications and Safari Press
Date Published:2005

By now recognized as the preeminent series of trophy room books ever published, the fourth volume in this series has yet more of the world's most fantastic collections. Experience the fabulous trophy room of the late Valentin de Madariaga, the person who shot more varieties of animals than any other individual. A cadre of internationally well-known trophy hunters, including Richard Childress, Gary Hansen, Peter Flack, Lee Lipscomb, Lou Misterly, Jr., Phyllis Tucker, and Peter Zobel has submitted their rooms for the Great Hunters series of books. Only top-notch trophy rooms are included: Garages with a springbuck and a deer need not apply! Recent Weatherby Award winners and Rex Baker had their all-new palatial rooms photographed especially for this book, and both have created entire mountains covered with dozens of sheep. We also have included several rooms of historical importance such as early Weatherby Award winner Julio Estrada. These spectacular trophy rooms were carefully selected for their superb collections and artful decor. No other series of books lays out such a fantastic parade of trophy rooms as does the Great Hunters series.

Note, it is standard for Hollywood movie studios and New York book publishers to produce one sequel after another. We have strongly resisted cranking out one GREAT HUNTERS after another and hence have only produced 4 volumes since the inception of this series about a decade ago. We will not do any more because there are only so many truly good trophy rooms in this world and many of them have all ready been featured. Here is the proof in the pudding that we are doing something right; we have pre-sold more copies of GREAT HUNTERS 4 than any other in the series. We have printed a record first run and are confident it will go to several printings just like the others in this series.