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Flack Hunts Cameroon

Into the Heart of Darkness

Africa / Rest of the World
Format: DVD
Duration: 26 minutes
Published by:Peter Flack Productions
Presented by:Rowland Ward Publications
Stockist:Peter Flack Productions

The hunt takes the viewer to Lognia Camp in south-east Cameroon for western bongo, bay duiker, giant forest hog, red river hog, dwarf forest buffalo and rain forest elephant.

This short film is Peter Flack's attempt to capture the essence of his safari for his family. As such, it is much more than a collection of one-shot animal kills. This is a record of his safari as a whole: the camps, the staff, the habitat of the region, including its flora and fauna and, of course, the hunts of the unusual animals he pursued. It provides a wonderful reference source for anyone contemplating a hunt in the country and will help the viewer decide if this kind of hunt is for him and her and, if so, what rifles, ammunition, preparation, clothing and equipment are necessary.