Kruger Park Lion Debate: Animal rights activists are just plain wrong

Referenced Articles: Kruger Lions: Who really cares about conservation? by Peter Flack Kruger Lions: Hunting for Skye and the truth By Smaragda Louw and Michele Pickover At the risk of

Pinnock vs Vegter

Sir, I refer to the recent articles by Messrs Vegter and Pinnock on the conservation of rhinoceroses and elephants. Referenced Articles: Don Pinnock: Calling out Ivo Vegter’s fractious fulminations Ivo

Conservation on the Continent

Last weekend, at a family wedding in Montagu, I was accosted by a proud father who told me his son had been chosen to give the class address at his

Newsletter – June 2018

A few weeks ago I read a column in the Daily Maverick – an eNewspaper with a significant circulation in South Africa – written by an ardent animal rightist, Ian

Umbabat Private Nature Reserve – Media Statement

In response to a recent media article published by the Daily Maverick (“Outrage after Kruger lion baited and shot by trophy hunter in neighbouring reserve”, by Don Pinnock, 11 June

Kruger Lions: Who really cares about conservation?

Kruger National Park is home to a growing population of 1 800 lions amongst a large array of other wildlife according to parks spokes people. In an article published last

Theodore Roosevelt – Killer or Conservationist?

As published in the Daily Maverick In an article by Mr. Ian Michler in Daily Maverick last month entitled, “Like the fossil fuel industry, trophy hunting is unsustainable”, the only

Hunting Facts versus Animal Rights Fiction

As published in the Daily Maverick I carefully read Mr. Michler’s Opinionista piece entitled, “Like the fossil fuel industry, trophy hunting is unsustainable”. Like almost all his writings on this

Opposition to Fair Chase

We received a response from Peter Gouws to our recent post – Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation. See his comment and my reply below. FROM PETER GOUWS I had

Creativity Explained by David Priilaid

Since my last giant eland hunt in Cameroon last year, a number of you have asked me what I am doing with my time now that I have stopped hunting