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Hunting Lessons For Life - by Peter Flack and Derek Carstens

Hunting Lessons for Life, written by Peter Flack and Derek Carstens, is currently being published as a series in African Outfitter magazine as of November 2011. Each Chapter contains a lesson for life learned while hunting and they span social, personal and business lessons. Here are a few sample chapters to whet your appetite.

This book will be available as an e-book in the future. If you would like us to contact you once it is available, complete the following eBook Enquiry.

Peter Flack is a lawyer by training, a businessman by profession, a conservationist out of conviction and a passionate hunter since a small boy. He studied and worked as a corporate lawyer in the UK, USA and South Africa. In his mid thirties he changed careers and became the CEO of the largest mining contracting company in Africa and, ten years later, accepted an offer to lead one of the world's largest gold mining groups. After retiring from mining, he and two partners formed what was to become the leading turnaround company in Africa.

Derek Carstens was the marketing director for the First Rand Group and was seconded by them to head the marketing efforts of the Local Organising Committee of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. He is a passionate hunter and currently runs a working game ranch in the Karoo which houses his business, Taste of the Karoo. Derek also teaches and consults part-time to major companies on marketing matters.

Photo: Peter Flack and Derek Carstens next to a good lion shot by Derek near the Deka River in Zimbabwe in the late 1980s