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look inside Hunting Icons of Africa

Hunting Icons of Africa : The Top Twenty-five Trophies

by Peter Flack
[4 Reviews]


Limitation: Standard Edition & Collectors Edition
Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket or bound in quarter-leather
Pages: 436 outstanding colour photographs, 320 pages
Trim Size: 8 x 11 inches
Published By: Rowland Ward
Stockist: Peter Flack Productions
Date Published: 2009

Book Description

Hunting Icons of Africa represents the culmination of Peter Flack's five decades of hunting on the African continent. Having experienced literally hundreds of safaris in 15 African countries, he is uniquely able to choose the top 25 game icons in Africa and provide the reader with well reasoned and insightful comments as to why each of these animals merits selection.

Of course subjectivity plays a significant part in these choices and each chapter is divided into two sections - the first setting out the reasons for his choice and the second being one of his well-written, warts-and-all, evocative and exciting stories about the hunt for each icon.

None of these stories has ever appeared in a book and, to the extent that the animal may have been covered in one of his many magazine articles, each story has been completely rewritten and is substantially longer. In addition, nearly half of the stories have not been published ever before.

Follow Peter Flack in his search for the dwarf forest buffalo which almost killed him and other denizens of the rain forest such as forest elephant, giant forest hog, forest sitatunga and the new world record bongo. Move to the Sahara desert of Chad and live through his attack by four AK-47 toting nomads as he shoots the new number three Barbary sheep and northern kudu. Live through his disappointments as he takes 33 days to find a mountain nyala in Ethiopia and travel the width of Africa from east to west - through Tanzania for lion and Roosevelt sable, Mozambique for leopard, Zimbabwe for kudu, Botswana for red lechwe and South Africa for grey rhebuck amongst others.

This is not only an exciting and highly interesting book but it will help the reader draw up his own wish list and, in so doing, avoid many of the pitfalls into which Peter Flack sometimes fell.

Product Reviews

Craig Boddington
No one in modern times, perhaps not ever, has hunted Africa as widely as Peter Flack, and few among us are as astute in our observations. This book is Peter's tribute to his own list of Africa's top twenty-five game animals, his icons of African hunting.

Peter Flack is himself an Icon. There are few who have had the opportunity to hunt Africa as extensively and as thoroughly as he. Even fewer have taken the time and made the effort to both record their experiences and display their trophies for the benefit of others.

Kevin ‘Doctari' Robertson
Hunting Icons of Africa is a gem, and a must read for all of those who love Africa and the sporting-pursuit of its wildlife.

No one in modern times, perhaps not ever, has hunted Africa as widely as Peter Flack, and few among us are as astute in our observations.

Gray Thornton
Peter Flack has been there and done that and commands my ear around that camp fire.

Gerhard Damm
Peter Flack has demonstrated again why he is considered one of the most experienced hunters of African game. Very few contemporary hunters, who are not in the professional safari hunting industry, can show the personal experience of literally hundreds of painstakingly researched African hunts. Flack's dedication to detail, his trademark witty style and his passionate love for African wildlife make this a must-read for anybody contemplating an African safari.

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