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Hunting the Spiral Horns - Bushbuck, the Little Big Buck

August 2014 | Book

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bushbuck, the Little Big Buck

It is odd that the smallest of the spiral horns, bushbuck, should end up being the third and biggest book in the five book series on all the 30 members of the extended spiral horn family but I guess that says something about this beautiful but pugnacious yet compact buck.

Available in September 2014. Pre-orders accepted.


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Game ranchers are the wrong target


Game ranchers are the wrong target by Richard York new item

Includes Peter Flack's response below.
Kicker: It is unfair to target game farming as an “economic bubble”. This industry creates jobs and makes a very healthy contribution to the economy. As a game rancher and breeder of scarce game I would like to respond to ...
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Rhino in Crisis – Blueprint For Survival


Rhino in Crisis – Blueprint For Survival new item

I attended the Cape Town premiere of the 90 minute documentary, “Rhino in Crisis – Blueprint for Survival” produced by the Conservation Imperative, a group of conservationists primarily from KwaZulu-Natal. In the documentary, a number of people, both black and white, male and female, ...
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The Most Special Spiral Horn?

Published in Collector's Edition of SA Hunter, October 2014

The Most Special Spiral Horn? new item

I have often been asked, which do I think is the most special of all the spiral horns. Well, the first question to be asked is probably what constitutes a spiral horn and how many are there? Traditionally, the spiral horns or tragelaphine family constitute nine species: kudu, lesser kudu, eland, giant ...
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Ready to Hunt in Africa?

Published in Collector's Edition of SA Hunter, October 2014

Ready to Hunt in Africa? new item

There are only three things you need to know as an amateur hunter about hunting in countries to the north of us - preparation, preparation and preparation. Preparation of your body and mind, clothing and equipment and, last but not least, rifles and ammunition. Most of this will be dictated ...
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Omo Valley Venture

Published in Jagen Weltweit, APRIL 2014

Omo Valley Venture new item

Johannesburg to Addis Ababa - seven hours on the efficient Ethiopian Airlines. From there, two hours in a Cessna Caravan to the landing strip at Murulle Camp on the eastern bank of the Omo River in southeastern Ethiopia. When I stepped out of the plane, I walked into a damp cotton-wool wall of ...
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Buffalo Blunders

Published in Jagen Weltweit, June 2014

Buffalo Blunders new item

This story takes me back many, many years. To about 1984 as I remember it. The time of a devastating drought that tortured our South African Lowveld for months on end. It was pathetic to see the game, many of them skin and bone, tottering around in search of non-existent food and water. But I am ...
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First Lion

Published in Game Trails, Spring 2014

First Lion

There are four basic ways to hunt lions and, at one time or another, I have used them all, and more than once. By far the most popular way today is to bait the animal, build a blind and wait for the lion to come to the meat. At the other end of the spectrum, you can take advantage of a chance encounter ...
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Published in Magnum, July 2014

Who Shot the Donkey?

Who shot the Donkey? It reminded me of the nursery rhyme song - "Who shot Cock Robin? I said the sparrow, with my bow and arrow, I shot Cock Robin. All the birds in the air were a sighing and a sobbing as they heard of the death of poor Cock Robin ... " In this case, it was me with my little .300 Win. Mag. ...
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