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April 2014 | BLOG

History of Hunting Article Published in Financial Mail new item

On 17 March I was called by Stafford Thomas, a feature writer at the Financial Mail, South Africa’s foremost weekly business magazine, to discuss the issue of canned lion killings on which he had been asked to write a 450 word ...
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February 2014 | BLOG

Wildlife Matters 2

Over a dozen years ago, I attended the SCI Convention at which Zambian officials were also present promoting hunting in their country, when, without sufficient notice to or consultation with the stakeholders in the industry, ...
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April 2014

Hunting Lessons for Life - The Five "Ps"

Passion, preparation, patience, perseverance and pride, when coupled with dedication and discipline, honesty and hard work, are the keys to satisfying success. Bongo hunting - A yell rose in my throat but I throttled it just in ...
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MARCH 2014

Peter's Latest News

It’s been almost a year since my last Newsletter and, a few weeks ago, I attended my fourth Dallas Safari Club Convention to officially launch the second in the spiral horn series, Hunting the Spiral Horns – Eland, ...
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Hunting the Spiral Horns - Eland, Everyman's Elephant

August 2013 | Book

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Eland | Everyman's Elephant new item

This is the second in a series of books about the spiral-horned antelopes of Africa. Peter Flack, with the help of many other authors, gives us a rich mosaic of the world's largest antelope, the eland. Hundreds of photos show Central African and western giant eland as well as the three subspecies of common eland: Livingstone, East African, and Cape.

ZAR645.00 - Hardcover with a dustjacket
ZAR1,500.00 - Quarter bound in green leather with a slipcase

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Barbary Sheep Hunt In Chad new item

Chad, Tchad or Tjad. A name to conjure with. I knew it was a poor country, torn by civil war, somewhere in the Sahara Desert. But where was it situated precisely? What was its past? And what did its present and future hold? A map answered the first question easily enough. South of Libya, west of Sudan, ...
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Natural History Museums And Hunting - Is There A Connection new item

Growing up in Cape Town in a strictly non-hunting, non-shooting family, my interest in wildlife and hunting began with a trip to what was then called the Cape Town Museum or, as it is now known, the Iziko South African Museums. There were two parts that fascinated me most, firstly, the exhibits ...
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JULY 2013

G.F.H. in the C.A.R.

Early morning. The grey of early dawn is lifting over the two and a half kilometre long glade on either side of the Batou River in the north central region of the Central African Republic. Around me, as I sit in the 20 foot high machan, built around the stem of a tall, sturdy Ngreki tree, a dozen or so ...
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JULY 2013

Rain Forest Elephant Hunting In Cameroon

When I awoke to the first ominous signs at midnight, I knew immediately it was something I had eaten or drunk at supper. I also knew it was going to be a long night. For the next five hours my intermittent sleep was interspersed with sprints to the toilet. By 7:00 a.m. the next morning, all I had managed ...
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JUNE 2013

Crocodiles - Birds Or Lizards?

It all started many, many years ago. There were four of us. Amongst other things, we hunted together and, because I was the anally retentive one, I got the logistics job. I drew up the menus, bought the food and drink, brought the medical kit and was the camp doctor. That was where my duties ended ...
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