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Paul Stones South African Outfitters

SEPTEMBER 2014 | BLOG by Paul Stones

Eulogy of Opportunities Missed new item

How many times has it been said that, “Hunting will not last 10 more years”. I have heard this statement made many times in my hunting career which, to date, spans some 25 years. To me, and for the very first time, this statement is starting to ring true although I cannot be totally sure of the actual time ...
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Canned Killings and other Unnatural Behaviour in the Game Ranching Industry

Why do I and my amateur and professional hunting friends detest the increasing number of incidents involving the killing of canned or put-and-take animals? Why do we also dislike so intensely the domestication of ...
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Hunting the Spiral Horns - Bushbuck, the Little Big Buck

August 2014 | Book

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bushbuck, the Little Big Buck

It is odd that the smallest of the spiral horns, bushbuck, should end up being the third and biggest book in the five book series on all the 30 members of the extended spiral horn family but I guess that says something about this beautiful but pugnacious yet compact buck.

Available in September 2014. Pre-orders accepted.


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Latest news from Peter Flack

The main reason for writing is to let you know my two new online shopping web sites are up and running. My latest books and all my DVDs are available on the sites and, given that all the products advertised are stocked in the two locations, it should both speed up deliveries and lower the postage costs. ...
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Shop Online through Peter Flack Productions

My latest books and all my DVDs are now available from our new online shop.

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First Lion

Published in Game Trails, Spring 2014

First Lion

There are four basic ways to hunt lions and, at one time or another, I have used them all, and more than once. By far the most popular way today is to bait the animal, build a blind and wait for the lion to come to the meat. At the other end of the spectrum, you can take advantage of a chance encounter ...
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Published in Magnum, July 2014

Who Shot the Donkey?

Who shot the Donkey? It reminded me of the nursery rhyme song - "Who shot Cock Robin? I said the sparrow, with my bow and arrow, I shot Cock Robin. All the birds in the air were a sighing and a sobbing as they heard of the death of poor Cock Robin ... " In this case, it was me with my little .300 Win. Mag. ...
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Barbary Sheep Hunt In Chad

Chad, Tchad or Tjad. A name to conjure with. I knew it was a poor country, torn by civil war, somewhere in the Sahara Desert. But where was it situated precisely? What was its past? And what did its present and future hold? A map answered the first question easily enough. South of Libya, west of Sudan, ...
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Natural History Museums And Hunting - Is There A Connection

Growing up in Cape Town in a strictly non-hunting, non-shooting family, my interest in wildlife and hunting began with a trip to what was then called the Cape Town Museum or, as it is now known, the Iziko South African Museums. There were two parts that fascinated me most, firstly, the exhibits ...
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